Helpful tips on your visit

What time should I arrive?

If it is your first time having a massage, I suggest arriving 5 minutes before treatment to fill in medical form.

Where can I go if I happen to arrive early?

There is a waiting area. Please enter quietly and no cell phone use. I may be finishing up an appointment.

What will you talk about during the consultation?

During the consultation we will discuss any injuries, operations or any other medical conditions. Along with what type of massage you are wanting.

What do I wear?

You disrobe to your comfort level. Some people leave on their undergarments and others do not. You will always be draped (under a sheet and or blanket).

Remove all necklaces. All other jewelry is optional but know that what you leave on will get oil on it.

What will happen during your treatment?

Some people enjoy talking, others enjoy relaxing without conversation. It is up to you.

It is a customized massage. If you have feedback on pressure, temperature or lighting, please say so.

What should I do after the massage?

Please drink plenty of water. This is because water flushes out the minerals released during your massage while rehydrating your muscles and reducing potential soreness.

You may feel tired or emotional after your massage. This is very common. Resting or going on a walk is ideal. If you do not have the time after your treatment to rest or go on a walk, give yourself gratitude for giving space in your life for a massage.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask before during or after the massage.